What is a Brand?

colorYour brand isn’t just your logo… while a logo can be an important part of a brand, it’s not the whole story — not by a long shot.

Your brand is the experience customers have when doing business with your company. It is the value of the experience that builds and creates the value of a brand … the experience of your service, product or company includes things like:

  • The benefits you commit to delivering. These are things like more time or money, recognition, acceptance, security or pleasure.
  • The promises you make and keep. Including the features your product or service offers, and how you deliver them, for example: do you meet the deadline or delivery date? Do you include extras, or go above and beyond the ordinary? Do you find ways to add value?
  • How you follow up after you’ve delivered. This covers aspects of your business like how you keep in touch, how you deal with problems that arise and how you nurture your business relationships over time.

Your brand is the “voice” you use to communicate with your customers. Your brand voice is the verbal part of your brand presentation: the words you use, the tone your copywriting takes, the way you answer the phone and the style of your letters.

Finally, your brand is the visual presentation of your company. This includes, but not exclusively, your logo. Your visual presentation should be a reflection of everything we covered above: the benefits you offer, the promises you make and keep, and the words you use to present your products or services. Your visual presentation includes things like: Your colors, your typefaces, your logo and your overall graphic style

The Role of the Designer

A designer is a key element to developing the value of your brand. They are part visual designer and part business consultant. That’s one of many reasons why there is a difference between working with a designer to develop a brand, including a logo, and “ordering” a logo from one of the online logo mills which is far more than cost. If your logo doesn’t support your brand, then it doesn’t support your business and isn’t that really what you want?

With Real Design Graphics, all of my logo design services come with a free consultation that examines a wide cross section of your goals and objectives for your business … that consultation helps tailor the logo to express all the aspects of your brand, it may also uncover some areas of your business that need further definition. The services you contract may include only a logo, or it may expand to include more elements of your brand, but all of them will be better within the context of your entire brand.